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Fit2You Fitness Network Services

We offer all of these services to our Corporate, In-Home and Residential Community clients.

Personal Fitness Training - Yoga - Pilates
Strength, Conditioning and Endurance Event Training - eFit - TravelFit - Nutrition
Facility Design and Management - Holistic Therapies

Personal Fitness Training

Individual and Small Group Fitness Training

  • Train one-on-one with a Fit2You, nationally certified personal fitness trainer.
  • Customized workout routines, always changing, never get bored, never wonder “what do I do next” again!
  • Weight Loss
  • Body Shaping and Toning

Group Style Exercise

  • Bootcamp Style Group Workouts
  • Kettlebell Training



  • One-on-one, or small group, yoga sessions.
  • Yoga instructors with unparalleled depth of experience.
  • Weight Loss, enhanced flexibility, greater sense of mind-body-spirit connection.


  • One-on-one, or small group, Pilates sessions
  • Focus on core muscle development, elongation, body alignment, and breathing.
  • Enhanced core strength, flexibility and range of motion.


Strength, Conditioning and Endurance Event Training

  • Train one-on-one, one-on-two, or in a small group setting with a Fit2You nationally Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach.
  • Develops athletic talent through highly specialized instruction, and focused training.
  • Individually created workout plans.
  • Marathon, Triathlon, Iron-Man training programs.


  • Flexible, cost-effective fitness guidance.
  • Customized monthly, weekly, or daily workouts, sent directly to you via email.
  • Detailed written descriptions, graphics, and video demonstrations of every exercise.
  • Customized to your goals by a Fit2You trainer.
  • Monthly or weekly phone consultations with your Fit2You trainer.


  • Customized monthly, weekly, or daily workouts, via email.
  • Detailed written descriptions, graphics, and video demonstration of every exercise
  • Designed for performance within your "wingspan" - ideal for hotel rooms
  • Includes SuperBand(R) exercise bands - lightweight, easy to store for travel
  • Monthly or weekly phone consultations with your Fit2You trainer.



  • Licensed nutritionists.
  • Individually tailored meal plans.
  • Nutritional Education
    - Grocery Shopping Strategies
    - Fast Food Strategies
    - “On-the-go” Strategies
  • Supplement Education
  • Vitamin and nutritional supplement guidance
  • Homeopathic Remedies
  • Weight Management: Get it off, and keep it off.
  • Sports Nutrition, and Special Population Nutrition.
    - Specialized nutrition programs for athletes and other special populations.


Facility Design and Management

  • Experienced fitness professionals will design a functional fitness facility, fit to your needs, fit to your budget.
  • Use as your primary or supplementary exercise location.

Holistic Therapies


  • Private, in-home massage by certified massage therapist.
  • Avoid the stress of traveling to your massage, let your massage travel to you.
  • Release muscle tension, reduce stress, enhance immuno-functioning

Reiki Energy Therapy

  • Japanese form of healing.
  • Reiki practitioners will hone your body’s energy, harnessing the positive, and eliminating the negative.


  • Acupressure is an ancient healing art involving application of manual pressure to key points on the body.
  • Stimulates your body’s natural, curative abilities, releases tension, promotes circulation, and enhances the body’s life force.


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